DINAURA Cosmetics Founder - Dina Lambarki

DINAURA Cosmetics Founder - Dina Lambarki

In the realm of creativity and artistry, Moroccan singer and songwriter Dina Lambarki has proven time and again that her talents know no bounds. Beyond her musical talent, Dina has ventured into the world of beauty and cosmetics, introducing a cosmetic brand, DINAURA Cosmetics. This venture is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to empowering women to enhance their natural beauty.


Born on August 21, 1997, in Morocco, Dina Lambarki, started her journey to learn music at a very young age. Her immense passion and love for music evident since she was a child. She was always drawn to the art of singing and songwriting and wanted to become a superstar when she was a child. The connection to music as a child was due to her father. He is also a prominent Moroccan folkloric singer, who recognized her melodious voice and wanted her daughter to pursue her profession with this god-gifted talent. With the guidance of Dina's father, her musical abilities blossomed, and it was not long before her exceptional talents started gaining recognition in the Moroccan music industry. As she continuously grew, so did her influence, eventually surpassing borders to leave an enduring mark on the global music industry.

Dina's melodic voice has reached new heights in recent years, as evidenced by her consistent release of chart-topping hits on various digital streaming platforms. Her ability to produce back-to-back successes is a testimony to her solid dedication to her craft. Her unique blend of talent, passion, and dedication sets her apart as an artist destined for even greater heights in the years to come. With every note, every lyric, and every performance, Dina Lambarki leaves an indelible mark on the world of music, magnetic audiences, and cementing her legacy as a true musical icon.

Musical History

Born in 1997, Dina Lambarki began her musical journey with a group, Somadina. In 2019, she took a confident step towards a solo career, a decision that proved to be immensely successful for her fan base. Her blockbuster and super-hit song ‘Ronaldo’ reached 39 million views on YouTube. 'Solitude', another one of her creations, has reached over 2 million views, further setting her place in the music industry.

The Creation of DINAURA Cosmetics

Dina’s journey into the cosmetics industry started with a desire to merge her passion for music with her love for beauty. Knowing the transformative power of makeup, she aspired to create a line of natural and organic products that would not only enhance one's features naturally but also serve as an extension of one's artistic expression.

Her Beliefs

DINAURA Cosmetics represents Dina's belief that beauty is a form of self-expression. Each product at DINAURA Cosmetics is produced with the intent of enhancing beauty with natural and organic ingredients. All these natural growth serums are for individuals who want to grow their lashes and brows naturally. DINAURA Cosmetics guarantees positive results, whether the purpose is for a subtle enhancement or a bold statement. The brand embraces diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that there is something for everyone, regardless of age, skin type, or complexion. DINAURA cosmetics is presenting at the moment two natural eyelashes and eyebrows growth serums.

Her Commitment to Excellence

Dina's dedication and commitment to excellence are evident in every aspect of DINAURA Cosmetics. From product development to packaging, her attention to detail ensures that customers receive nothing short of the best. She continues to be actively involved in the creative process of all the natural eyebrows and eyelash growth serums. She ensures that each product must be a true reflection of her vision.

Final Thoughts

DINAURA Cosmetics is proof of Dina's capabilities. She flawlessly blends her artistic talents with her entrepreneurial spirit. Through this journey, she invites us all to join her on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. DINAURA Cosmetics will continue to inspire individuals globally with its natural and organic products. However, influence extends far beyond the world of music, leaving a permanent mark now on the beauty industry. Stay tuned with us for more!