Sérum de Croissance des Sourcils

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Un sérum révolutionnaire améliorant les sourcils qui favorise l'apparence de sourcils plus fournis et plus audacieux en six à huit semaines, avec une amélioration complète en aussi peu que quatre mois.

- L-Proline : Un acide aminé essentiel pour des sourcils sains et fortifiés.
- Acide hyaluronique : Revitalise, protège et hydrate les sourcils.
- Glycosaminoglycane : Retient l'hydratation pour des sourcils revitalisés et d'apparence plus saine.

Highlight or Feature
  • You can use Dinaura Eyebrow Growth Serum in the morning (☼) and evening (☽).
  • Make sure your skin is clean and dry before application.
  • Use a thin layer of the serum along the lash line and eyebrows.
  • Combine this routine into your daily skincare regimen for the best results.
  • L-Proline: Nourish and fortify your brows with L-Proline, an essential amino acid that stimulates natural growth, giving you fuller, more resilient eyebrows.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Experience ultimate brow care with Hyaluronic Acid. Condition and protect your brows while providing deep hydration for a luxuriously soft and smooth feel.
  • Glycosaminoglycan: Lock in essential moisture with Glycosaminoglycan. Say goodbye to dry, spacey brows and welcome conditioned, healthier-looking brows with a natural radiance.
  • Volume: 0.10 fl. oz/3ml
  • Product Name: Eyebrow Growth Serum
  • Brand: Dinaura Cosmetics

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